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SKIN: A Meditation is a multi-media installation that speaks to the subjects of identity, acceptance, respect and understanding.  Through this meditation we seek to engage in conversations relating to our skin’s commonality and diversity, while exploring the lines that create division between us.  We also want to spark an appreciation of skin's fragile quality and its resilience, while honoring its distinct beauty and ephemeral nature.

It takes place in three areas which represent the three layers of our skin.

The first area (the epidermis) plays the film, "Their Stories"; the second area 

(the dermis) presents "Her Story", and the third area (the hypodermis) shows

 "Your Story".

The Epidermis -- "Their Stories".

"Their Stories" reveals the inner thoughts of a select few chosen to talk about

their skin. Questions pondered:  How do you see your skin?  In what ways do you feel trapped or empowered by your skin?  If your skin could talk, what stories would it tell?

The Dermis -- "Her Story".

The heartbeat of the installation is two powerful poems written by Julia Knight.

The first poem is the story of her melanoma diagnosis in 2008 and her effort to manage this disease.  Through this process, she has developed a new relationship with her skin. She has become more mindful of its fleeting and visceral nature,

and is now more aware of its ever changing form as she moves through her life cycle.


The second, voices a wider concern.  Being a woman, daughter, and a parent, whose blended family is multi-racial, it also touches on challenges she has faced in her past and those that continue present day.  These experiences translate into Julia’s concern for her daughters’ skin and the wish that it only be touched and spoken to in a way that honors them. 

The Hypodermis -- "Your Story".  

"Your Story" invites the viewer to share their feelings in anonymity by reflecting their personal skin stories on a silhouetted moving image writing wall. 


This is a project that is far reaching (nationally and internationally); is timely,

given the temperature of events occurring both socially and politically; and,

one that is inclusive — all ages are invited to experience SKIN: A Meditation.